Monday, November 23, 2009

Boston New Wave-Punk

Slow Children - "Pseudo Girl" b/w "Going to Germany" & "Oriental Bondage" is indeed a rare find. This 7" is from the Boston area, dated 1981 on the Varulven label. What do I know about this band? Absolutely nothing. Tried to do a little online sleuthing, and only found this 7" listed on a page that has a really extensive, thorough listing of every punk-related record that came out in the Boston area in the late 70's-80's. Found no information to go with it. Any you might have is welcome. I got this little record (kinda scratched and a slight warp) for next to nothing, so I'm not complaining. One little skip at the beginning of the second song, doesn't ruin it for me.

What's it actually sound like? It's weird, kinda artsy New-Wave/Garage/Punk/...? Sounds in the vein of early XTC, Gang of Four, Ian Dury....somewhere between them, maybe, haha. They desperately wanted to be from Great Britain. Honestly, the sound is fairly convincing and it's really not a bad little 7". This one will be a regular spin for me at certain gigs, and will be on mixes for driving long distances.

Download it from the link and give it a listen for yourself. Couldn't find anywhere to download or buy it, so good luck!