Thursday, December 24, 2009

Old Dancehall, Horace Andy Style

Horace Andy - "Come Inna This" is Horace Andy in his signature "Sleepy" mode, singing perfectly behind the beat on a sort of slow early digital dancehall riddim. I got this 12" single for a couple of bucks, and the flip side is really nothing special (it's not Horace Andy or a dub version of the riddim or anything). So all I have for you in this post is this one song. It's Horace Andy singing about reggae music and how awesome it is, using the vocal melody from Mongo Jerry's "In The Summertime" over the fantastic early digital riddim (can anyone tell me the name of it?). Horace Andy is one of the most beloved reggae singers of all time, and I already posted a great dub record of his on here, so here's a rar single of his that I like more than most of his popular singles from this time period. I've never seen this track on any of the comps or "best of" records of his material. I ripped it for my own listening pleasure, and now you benefit from it too! Download below:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elvis Costello Bootlegs Cont'd

Side "D" of the 2-disc set entitled, "50,000,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong." I know, I'm taking my sweet-ass time getting all 4 sides up. Side "C" has a few bad skips, so that one is really lagging. This side is all live recordings, apparently from Cleveland in December of 1977, a fine year. You have some songs from My Aim is True and This Year's Model here, played at blistering speeds. The version of Lipstick Vogue on this recording just burns up your stereo, it's hot. Enjoy!