Saturday, August 29, 2009

Elvis Costello Rarities/bootleg Part 1!

Alright, I've got a copy of Elvis Costello and The Atractions - 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong. Elvis Costello is my favorite musical artist of the last 35 years or so. When I get pissed off, especially with ladies, Elvis is like an understanding, bitter older brother who's been through it and knows just what to say. This is a double LP bootleg on Slipped Disc records from Monaco. I've ripped all 4 sides, and now must edit them all, which is daunting. I'm kinda lazy so I'm gonna pace myself and go one side at a time and post them as I go. For info on this bootleg, you can check the Wiki on it. Basically, it's a bunch of live and demo recordings of Elvis Solo and with the Attractions, from the very early days. A quote from the a source of the Wiki: "Essential. The Agora concert appears in better quality on other bootleg CDs, but the Capitol Radio recordings on the Rhino re-issue were taken from a worn copy of this bootleg (hence the heavy noise reduction). But these sound amazing on this LP, so that makes it necessary to get an original copy of on vinyl." Well I have an original copy on vinyl, so you can download my rip! Here's side 1:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rare Atlantic Soul

Percy Wiggins - "Book of Memories" b/w "Can't Find Nobody" - Atco Records 45 I found for cheap and am really glad I did. "Book of Memories" was the "hit" side, I guess, but "Can't Find Nobody" is my favorite song. The awesome thing about this 45 is that both sides are sad songs of longing, which I'm a sucker for. "Book of Memories" is about hating feeling like being just another page in his former woman's book of memories, rather than a lasting love. Timeless theme, but not something you'll hear voiced in pop songs of today. It's a shame, and I think it's harming more than just the popular music, but those theories are for another blog. "Can't Find Nobody" is about not being able to find someone to take the place of his lost love...another common theme. The melody and beat of this song are killer, and it's a perfect dance tune. Has everything I like in an uptempo 60's soul track. I'm sorry I don't have much info on Mr. Wiggins, but I do know he had a sweet voice, and this is an Atco 45 I don't see very often. Download and enjoy below:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crown Prince of Reggae

Dennis Brown - "Your Love's Got a Hold On Me" b/w Joe Gibbs and The Professionals - "Oh Girl" is a SWEET rub-a-dub early dancehall reggae 12" single from 1983, a great year for this style of music. It's one of my favorite versions of the Heavenless riddim, done by Joe Gibbs and The Professionals, with Dennis Brown singing a slow, sultry song over it with a laid back melody. Like, he sings it so slow and behind, you're waiting for each note and word, and it hits you just at the right time. The vocals match the riddim so well it's disgusting. The riddim is addictive, and overall it's perfect hot day, summertime listening. This is my favorite Dennis Brown track. The b-side is the riddim with the occasional dubbed in shout of "MURRRDERAH!" It's fucking awesome, and in good shape, so this rip actually aounds okay! Enjoy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Joe Strummer was the coolest

101'ers - "Keys to Your Heart" b/w "Five Star Rock 'n Roll Petrol" is a record I was super lucky to find in great shape. Chiswick Records put out some awesome stuff back in the day, and the 101'ers, Joe Strummer's pre-Clash rock 'n roll band, were among the best for sure. Joe Strummer was a hero of mine already, as I'm a huge Clash fan. I'd barely given the 101'ers a listen when I found this 7" and knew it was gonna be the best 7 bucks I ever spent. Well, it was. Keys To Your Heart is in my top 5 Joe Strummer songs ever, and competes for my absolute favorite. Think early Clash with less distorted/crunchy guitar, and about love instead of politics. Like.....really fucking good. Super catchy song, sounds awesome, and totally over-looked by most people. PERFECT song. Five Star Rock 'n Rol Petrol is less catchy, less clever, and lacks the substance of "Keys", but is a nice little b-side anyway. It's vintage Strummer. MUST-have. Download it below:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Soulshake (electric sitar, maaaaan)

Peggy Scott and JoJo Benson - "Soulshake" b/w "We Were Made for Each Other" is everything an awesome late 60's song should be. It rocks, it rolls, it's got tons of soul, electric sitar, pedal steel guitar, and a simple, steady ass-shaking beat. (Sorry for the amount of commas in that sentence.) SSS International put out some awesome soul, pop, and rock back in the day, and this pairing is no exception. I have no info about this vocal duo or record that you can't find on Funky 16 Corners or anywhere else on the internet, so I won't pretend to be an expert on them. I can tell you this song has moved some butts when I've spun it at parties and bars, and that's all I ask of my records. It had me from the opening harmonized "DOOOOOOO...DO DO DOOOOOO" and electric sitar riffage. "We Were Made for Each Other" is pretty much your standard b-side on a rollicking soul stomper.....slow, sweet, and not nearly as memorable as the A-side. The lyrics aren't earth-shattering, but the male/female vocal pairing is convincing and really soulful. The electric sitar makes its return on this b-side, which is always a plus. Matter of fact, it's featured more heavily on this cut. Worth a listen for the sitar riffs alone. Download below: