Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rare Atlantic Soul

Percy Wiggins - "Book of Memories" b/w "Can't Find Nobody" - Atco Records 45 I found for cheap and am really glad I did. "Book of Memories" was the "hit" side, I guess, but "Can't Find Nobody" is my favorite song. The awesome thing about this 45 is that both sides are sad songs of longing, which I'm a sucker for. "Book of Memories" is about hating feeling like being just another page in his former woman's book of memories, rather than a lasting love. Timeless theme, but not something you'll hear voiced in pop songs of today. It's a shame, and I think it's harming more than just the popular music, but those theories are for another blog. "Can't Find Nobody" is about not being able to find someone to take the place of his lost love...another common theme. The melody and beat of this song are killer, and it's a perfect dance tune. Has everything I like in an uptempo 60's soul track. I'm sorry I don't have much info on Mr. Wiggins, but I do know he had a sweet voice, and this is an Atco 45 I don't see very often. Download and enjoy below:

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