Monday, August 10, 2009

Joe Strummer was the coolest

101'ers - "Keys to Your Heart" b/w "Five Star Rock 'n Roll Petrol" is a record I was super lucky to find in great shape. Chiswick Records put out some awesome stuff back in the day, and the 101'ers, Joe Strummer's pre-Clash rock 'n roll band, were among the best for sure. Joe Strummer was a hero of mine already, as I'm a huge Clash fan. I'd barely given the 101'ers a listen when I found this 7" and knew it was gonna be the best 7 bucks I ever spent. Well, it was. Keys To Your Heart is in my top 5 Joe Strummer songs ever, and competes for my absolute favorite. Think early Clash with less distorted/crunchy guitar, and about love instead of politics. Like.....really fucking good. Super catchy song, sounds awesome, and totally over-looked by most people. PERFECT song. Five Star Rock 'n Rol Petrol is less catchy, less clever, and lacks the substance of "Keys", but is a nice little b-side anyway. It's vintage Strummer. MUST-have. Download it below:


  1. Nice post - few people talk about good old Chiswick. I'm linking this bank from my blog if that's cool?


  2. You got it! Yeah, Chiswick never fails me...anytime I see anything from that label, it's coming home with me.

  3. Brilliant tune, you can hear the roots of the early Clash ii Joe's Telecaster clanging on "Keys To Your Heart", best 101'ers track in my book!