Monday, September 21, 2009

My Favorite NJHC 7", right now, at least

Vision - Undiscovered is currently my favorite New Jersey Hardcore punk 7" EP ever, but that is subject to change depending on my mood or where I'm hanging out or what color I'm wearing or whatever. It's just a brilliant debut 7" from one of New Jersey's all-time best hardcore bands. This is on the melodic side. Definitely not the tough guy metal-tinged stuff, and also not the goofy-but-blistering AOD/Bedlam kinda stuff. It's awesome late 80's NJ hardcore punk that has influenced a lot of bands since. "Falling Apart" is one of my favorite NJHC songs EVER. Awesome melody, with vocals that are just the right mix of yelling/spitting words at you with venom, and actually sort of singing. At very least, we're not talking gutteral grunts and deep-throated screams. You can hear and understand every lyric (something my grandparents would say, but seriously, it rules). I have just been on a total mid-late 80's melodic hardcore kick recently with all of the DC stuff from that period dominating my listening. Then I picked up this 7" and remembered how fucking awesome it was, and why I loved seeing this band live so much. First hardcore band I ever saw, and they've never gotten old in my eyes. Still awesome. Support this band and buy actual, better-sounding versions of the songs from this EP on the "One and the Same" CD. For now, download this mediocre-sounding rip of the original 7".


  1. Vision were great. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Still are, they still play a few shows a year, or so!