Thursday, April 1, 2010

Serious Dancehall Reggae

Buju Banton - People Kill People is a devastating dancehall tune by one of my favorite dancehall DJ's, the infamous Buju Banton. Yes, his biggest hit in his younger days was the ultimate example of Jamaicans expressing their hatred for homosexuals, and he caught a LOT of flack for it. Yes, he is also in jail for trying to deal a whole lot of cocaine. But when he is on top of his game chatting lyrics, the dude is unbeatable.

This is just one track, as the b-side was something random that barely played on my 1200, so I didn't bother recording it. This 45 isn't in the best shape, and is basically a bootleg I got in a record store in Philly I used to buy dancehall from. The song is basically a badman tune about not being afraid of some dude that talked shit about Buju. The vocal from this tune has been re-mixed and put on various riddims, which you'll find on youtube if you search this song title. I saw nothing about this vocal on the Sleng Teng riddim, and that's what you have here! Buju's ferocious vocals on a sped-up Sleng Teng riddim. I will admit that everytime I spin for a crowd with Jamaicans in it, as soon as I drop this tune they tear the place DOWN, and generally make me pull up and re-start the track a number of times. It's my go-to dancehall ace-in-the-hole track that I only bring to gigs I know will have a Jamaican contingent. If we were in 1960's Jamaica and I had a tune this hot, I'd need to hire gunment to protect it so no one could steal it from me. In 2010 America/Internet, I'll let you all have it without the use of machetes and guns!