Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Revolution Summer in the Winter!

Moss Icon - Mahpiua Luta 7" was an awesome find at a very popular record store in Princeton, NJ. Track list is 2 songs, "Ghost Dance" and "Last Ditch". I don't know how someone could have gotten rid of this, but the copy of this 7" I got (for cheap) has a hand-written and signed note from Tonie Joy (guitar, later of Born Against) to the person who bought it, thanking them and asking them to keep an eye out for shows being put on and asking to have Moss Icon on them. Like, this was how punk bands connected with fans and played shows and toured before our beloved internet. It's a beautiful thing, and make owning this record even cooler than the music on it, to me.

Moss Icon were sort of late-comers to the DC area's "Revolution Summer" time period of "emotive hardcore", or early "emo", "emocore" or whatever you wanna label it. They were along the lines of Embrace, Rites of Spring, and those bands affiliated with that label in the mid-late 80's. They came from Annapolis, MD, and were very into the socially conscious vibe, especially Native American issues, as the cover of this 7" shows. This 7" is basically the sound they were known for, sort of meandering vocals and melodies and varying intensity and volume of the music, even within one song. It's good stuff, worth a listen and trying to find a copy for yourself! Download below:


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