Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Very Blue-Eyed Soul

Bob Brady and the Con Chords - "More, More, More of Your Love" b/w "It's a Better World" on the Chariot label is a great Northern Soul-style 45 from 1967 or so. Upon first listen, you'll think to yourself, "Is this Smokey Robinson under a fake name, or something?" And you won't be entirely wrong. It's a Smokey Robinson song that the Miracles did record, but wasn't a hit single. I actually feel Bob Brady and his Con Chords (a locally-popular white band from Baltimore), did a heck of a job with this throwaway tune. The band is tight, the chops are right on, and Brady's falsetto is right on the money! Great soulful rendition of a solid tune. "It's a Better World" is a surprisingly quality b-side, more mid-tempo or even on the slower side, but still has a good dancable beat and melody, if more or less forgettable lyrics. I love spinning this tune to a crowd of folks in the middle of a few uptempo Northern numbers. It's a mover.

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