Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rare Stax/Volt Soul

The Four Shells - "Hot Dog" b/w "Reputation" seemed like a departure for Stax's Volt subsidiary when I bought the 45 for 49 cents. Volt is probably most well-known, certainly in my collection, for being the home of Otis Redding and the Mad Lads. The standard, down-home, southern soul feel dominates. This was a northern group produced by Jerry Butler and licensed to Stax. You'll hear that as soon as you listen to these tunes. This is not your standard Stax fare. "Hot Dog" is a very up-tempo shuffling bluesy dance number. "Reputation" is the stand-out track, with a clever melody and perfect mid-up-tempo dance beat. Very "Northern Soul," without the lush arrangements that would come in the later 60's (I believe this is from 1966 or so). This is a good, honest 45 on both sides. I love it, so you will too. Nice and rare, too! Download below:

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