Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Orleans Funeral/Parade Music

The Young Tuxedo Brass Band - Jazz Begins: Sounds of New Orleans / Funeral and Parade Music is one of the coolest LP's I've ever heard. This is a goood record I DON'T HAVE, but my good friend Mark does. Or, I should say, he will as soon as I give it back to him. I heard 5 minutes of it and had to borrow it. This is funeral/parade music from New Orleans recorded around 1958 for Atlantic Records. New Orleans' funeral music and ceremony swings so wonderfully from mournful and down to joyous and hopeful...there's just nothing like it. When I die I want a New Orleans funeral so bad. This music is sparse, street parade music consisting of horns and drums. The clarinet, the trombone, the sousaphone (!), and the snare drum are instruments that simply tear my soul apart when I listen to this record. The musicians were incredible, and info about this band is easy to find. I can't say much else about this besides to say that this is a must-have. Honestly, this is music that will transport you somewhere. Download:

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