Monday, May 4, 2009

Jah Stitch Roots Reggae

Jah Stitch - "The Killer" b/w "Version" is a wicked Deejay reggae 45. I have the more recent Clocktower label pressing, but it's the original cut, along with a dub done at King Tubby's. It's your standard mid-70's roots reggae tune with lively Deejay "toasting" in the style of Big Youth, U-Roy, etc. I forget what the original vocal cut is that Stitch is chatting over here, but it's fantastic. This is a great exmple of being able to hear that reggae isn't really a "slow" music. Listen to everything that's going on, and you'll see it's not quite as layed back a musical style as most folks might think. I love this track, and the dub is equally nasty. Check them out:

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