Thursday, May 28, 2009

Solomon Burke Rock and Soul

Solomon Burke - "Keep Looking" / "Don't Want You No More" is my favorite Solomon Burke 45, and I am a big Solomon Burke fan. Some folks call him The King of Rock and Soul. I've read an incredible number of amazing stories that he's told about his younger years, and if half of them are half true, the dude's a genius and personal hero. "Keep Looking" is real uptempo stuff with a steady, driving beat that has made many folks dance in my presence. Burke opens the song with his preacher-like spoken intro before the very northern-style soul beat with little percussion, guitar, and horn accents come in and tear you apart. It's urgent and powerful soul - just an awesome tune you don't usually hear by Solomon Burke. "Don't Want You No More" is a slower bluesy ballad that's a clear departure from his early country-ish ballads like "Just Out of Reach." This is most definitely blues, and a great kiss-off song. I love this 45, and urge you to find a copy. Download these 2 songs below:

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