Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mitch Ryder Rockin' Soul

Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels - "Too Many Fish In the Sea" b/w "One Grain of Sand" is a killer blue-eyed soul/60's rock 45. "Too Many Fish In the Sea" was a big hit for Motown's Marvelettes before Mitch Ryder turned it into an amphetamine-driven, blazing fast blue-eyed soul tune that captures the detroit dating experience from the perspective of a white boy with soul in 1967. At least that's how I see it. "One Grain of Sand" has almost psychedelic qualities in the production, and a hypnotizing beat. It's groovy music you can swing to, man. No kidding, this 45 is a total time piece and dates itself quite obviously, but still holds up as an interesting slice of white boy soul history. Mitch Ryder, at the top of his game, was a powerful soul force. This single was kind of the end of the top of his game, so it really is an interesting record for me. I have it in the original picture sleeve, minty condition! Download both tracks below:

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