Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mod Revival!

The Purple Hearts - "Jimmy" b/w "What Am I Gonna Do?" is the Mod Revival 7" I have upped for you this evening. The Purple Hearts were one of the first bands to do anything of significance with the Mod Revival of the late 70's/early 80's in Great Britain, after not doing as well as a punk band under another name. While they don't exactly have the level of sophistication and songwriting of The Jam, they put out some brilliantly catchy, power-poppy punk that fell neatly in the category of Mod Revival in 1979-1980. Both sides of this single can be described exactly as that. I love both sides, they're great songs that couldn't have, but should have caught on as hits in America. As it was they scratched the charts in England, but had a greater output, and of higher quality, than most other bands of this period/style who put out one or 2 catchy singles and were never heard from again. I'm stoked to own this 45, and you can download my rip below:

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