Monday, May 18, 2009

Old NY/NJ Hardcore Comp

Message From America: Hardcore Has Come of Age on Urinal Records is a weird old (1985 or so?) comp from NJ-based Urinal Records, who put out Mental Abuse's legendary Streets of Filth album. This comp features 2 good tracks from Agnostic Front ( kinda weird versions of classic songs), a long Mental Abuse song, 4 awesome Seizure songs, and songs from Suburban Flashback, Violent Image, and Black Out. This stuff is pretty obscure. The Seizure songs are really good, punky old hardcore. The stuff on this comp ranges from weird and metallic to poppy/punky to brutal and pissed off. It's far from being the best comp of its time, but it's those transitional years in NY/NJ HC documented wonderfully. If nothing else, you can brag that you've heard some really obscure bands from the tri-state area! No photo, sorry (blue vinyl, too!), download below:


  1. Love this record, although it has my least favorite Mental Abuse track. The AF tracks well make up for it.

  2. I actually like the Mental Abuse track, it's just too long and maybe a little weird. I like weird shit.