Sunday, April 19, 2009

Awesome Dub Clash LP!

Prince Jammy vs. Scientist: Big Showdown 1980 is one of my favorite dub LP's ever! As far as fun-to-listen-to dub, this is it for me. I put this record on as background music for any situation and it works. It's deepp and seriously an easy, worthwhile listen. It's 1980, so the effects were getting cooler and evolving from someone just smashing a reverb tank on certain drum hits or what have you. Dub was getting more and more progressive and enjoying popularity in England. This record was put out on Greensleeves, but I have the much later Jamaican pressing on Jah Guidance.
The way this record works is 2 awesome dub producers take a total of 10 of the hottest rub-a-dub riddims from 1980 and mix them to their dub-tastic hearts' delights. The riddims were made at the famous Channel One studio by the Roots Radics, who were THE late 70's-early 80's studio band. Scientist and Jammy were both kinda young, and both on top of their dub games. Prince Jammy would go on to become King Jammy not long after this album, and start his FAMOUS Jammy's label in the early 80's. He became the king of early digital dancehall and any records on the Jammy's label from the ealry-mid 80's is a must-have. Scientist stuck to his dub thing, and has been very influential in the dub world. I ripped my copy, so download it here below this awesome cover:

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