Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Rubinoos - Back to the Drawing Board (Power Pop!)

Okay, it's clearly been a power pop week for me! The Rubinoos were a Beserkley Records band from California, featuring the younger brother of a member of Earth Quake (THE Beserkley band). One of their early tunes showed up on the Beserkley Chartbusters comp that I posted several days ago. The Rubinoos also backed Jonathan Richman on my favorite song on that comp, "The New Teller." I was fortunate, in a way, that my dad was kind of a dork in the 70's and liked some power pop, especially the Rubinoos. So this was his copy of the album, "Back to The Drawing Board," on Beserkley Records.

Now, my own personal thing for this album is the second song, "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," which Canadian pop retard Avril Lavigne supposedly ripped off for her hit "Girlfriend," which they took her to court for. I can recall hearing this song as a kid in the car with my parents, because it was one of my dad's favorite songs, and it became one of mine at the age of, say, 4. That rules because it's an incredible power pop rock song. It sucks because it has set me up to be the guy who wants to be the girl's boyfriend! I really wish I was kidding, but I ABSOLUTELY blame The Rubinoos and my dad for setting me up to be the guy who's not into randomly getting action, and actually desires meaningful connection and all that shit girls don't want from me, haha! This song is kind of a "How to" for being THAT GUY, even though it's more about going for the girl you want and not being a pussy. So, seriously, a big "Fuck you" to all parties involved for turning me into a lame, perpetually single nerd. I've identified with this song for 20 lame years, now. I will die alone because of The Rubinoos. BUT, it really is a great song, and this album has some other gems on it, along with a bit of filler. It's strange, because it so rarely happens, but I actually like this album just a bit more than their debut album, which my dad also has. If you folks like this stuff, PLEASE drop me a line and inspire me to rip and upload the first LP. Download this one below:

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  1. ahaha that was great. I like this album much better than their debut as well. And "Gorilla" is on the Chartbusters LP, which may be my favorite Rubinoos song. My ex hated this album, so I had to listen to it in secret.