Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dr. John - Zu Zu Man LP

Dr. John - Zu Zu Man is an LP of more or less outtakes and rare tracks from the cutting room floor that didn't make it on his official LP's. Apparently these tracks have been put out against his will many times, and this copy on the local Trip label (of Linden, NJ) from the 70's ended up in my collection a couple of years ago for cheap. I love Dr. John's musial gumbo, giving a great cross-section of New Orleans culture and musical influences. Funky, jazzy, chock-full of voodoo, soulful...you get the point.

Now, some of these tracks maybe should've stayed on the cutting room floor. For instance, the instrumental cut of "Christmas in New Orleans" is a better listen than the vocal one (both are included on here). "Zu Zu Man" and "Trader John" are on the weirder, funkier side, as one might expect from the Night Tripper. My favorite song on here, and maybe of any of Dr. John's songs, is "Della." It's almost a fast rock song with tight horns and awesome electric organ. It's got that urgency and desperation I love in my music. This is worth downloading just for that track. Dig it.


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  1. Not only were these tracks released without Dr. John's permission, but in his bio, Under a Hoodoo Moon, he says that some other guy's voice is overdubbed on the vocals. It definitely doesn't sound like him, so I think it's true.