Friday, April 24, 2009

Ella Washington's Southern Soul

This is Southern Soul at its finest. Ella Washington - "He Called Me Baby" b/w "Cry Cry Cry" "He Called Me Baby" is the better-known song, and is a heart-breaking soul ballad with a sweetness that seperates Ella Washington from Aretha or Tina or Mavis or most of the other popular lady singers of the late 60's. Kind of a cross between Carla Thomas and Aretha, if you wanna make comparisons. Just gorgeous and super soulful. "Cry Cry Cry" is the faster side, and is a nice enough tune, but the ballad on this 45 just destroys me. This is the original 45 on the Sound Stage 7 label. They re-issued all of her sides for them, so find that and pick it up, because it appears she was a really top-notch vocalist that has never really gotten her due. Enjoy this 45! Below is the picture from the re-issue of her recordings, then the download link for these 2 songs:

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