Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gang of 4

Gang of Four - "Damaged Goods" b/w "Armalite Rifles" & "Love Like Anthrax" is one of my finest punk 7" records. It's on the "Fast Products" label, and was recorded in 1978. All three songs are great, and have become quite well-known, with "Damaged Goods" being among the best punk songs ever recorded, in my opinion. The lyrics are just awesome, and can be interpreted as you please. To me, unfortunately, it's pointed to attempts I've made at dating, especially in the last few years.

These are versions of these songs unique to this 7". This version of Damaged Goods, in particular, stands out from the LP version. It's slower, more deliberate, and actually tougher to dance to. I used to spin it at parties and get puzzled looks on people's faces rather than sweaty dancing hipster bodies, which made me smile endlessly. So I ripped the 7" (I have the second pressing) so you can look uncomfortable, or play it for other people to look uncomfortable, and smile as I did. Download it below:


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