Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Members

The Members - Solitary Confinement and Offshore Banking Business/Pennies in the Pound is a fine 12" single I am proud to own. As a matter of fact, this is one of my favorite punk singles ever. The Members are responsible for 2 of my very favorites, and this one (Solitary Confinement) happens to have also been done by the Newtown Neurotics with some changes, and called "Living With Unemployment." This version is epic, clocking in around 5 minutes. It's just great melodic, passionate, but not sloppy 1978 British punk. It's poppy, not offensive, and really well done. Has the sorta slow dubby breakdown parts in it, then a sax solo. The Members were great at sort of flirting with the dub and ska revival sounds that were popular at the time. And the "Offshore Banking Business/Pennies in the Pound"side of this single is their take on that. It's that British 70's punk take on dub/DJ reggae that bands like The Ruts and even The Slits made popular. "Ranking Tesco" does a bit of toasting on here, and it is exactly what you'd expect on this type of thing. It's really cool, and totally a timepiece. It's kind of like a more punk version of the English Beat reggae stuff, minus the actual toaster. Also epic, around 6 minutes! I'm a big fan, check it out:

Sorry, no picture, just download:


  1. so long and thanks for all the records

  2. My pleasure, thanks for checking it out!