Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nice 60's Soul

Lou Courtney - "Skate Now" b/w "I Can Always Tell." This 45 is two sides of funky mid-60's soul as good as any you'll find. For some reason I never pull this one out to spin, which has kept it in decent shape, haha. Lou Courtney is one of those artists you don't hear a lot about, as he had no huge hits. He did have a great voice, and a funky vocal style. "Skate Now" is just a great uptempo dance song about a dance called, appropriately, "The Skate." It's simple enough, and the song has a drum and bass pulse that is totally infectious. Brilliant tune. "I Can Always Tell" is about a guy being able to sense that a girl is "just not that into him," as the kids like to say these days. Lou's lucky to have this skill; it's a tough one to master! No one wants to be "that guy" who can't take a hint, ya know? Learn the lesson from Lou and download these songs below:

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