Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's 3 more attractive slabs of vinyl

So I'm gonna try to update this daily, and not every update will be as varied and juicy as these, but I've gotta suck you in with the good ones. I will be mixing up the reggae, too, and throwing some later stuff and even dancehall up here, but I'll ease you in with golden oldies.

I'll start off with an awesome 45 by Clifford Curry on the Elf label, "She Shot a Hole in My Soul" b/w "We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In the Morning." "She Shot a Hole in My Soul" is an uptempo dance tune with a somewhat sad lyric. I suppose this is what some would call Northern Soul. "We're Gonna Hate Ourselves in the Morning" is my favorite of the 2 songs. It's a mid-tempo tune about a passionate affair that builds in power and feeling beautifully. I'd play this tune in a bar if there were some cougars with rings on their fingers who looked like they wanted to get down. Download below:

The next 45 I have up is from the late, great Alton Ellis. He's one of my favorite singers of any genre from any time period, and I got to see him live twice before his death. He was an incredible performer. This 45 contains the song "Denver", b/w a blank label containing a "Version", or instrumental track. It's awesome early reggae with Alton's signature pleading tone borrowed somewhat from his favorite American soul singers, and passion born in the church. Download below:

And I'll wrap this one up with some pissed off early 90's New York Hardcore (or Hate-core, as this band called it). This is a 7" from SFA with the tracks "Unclean" and "Freedom." If you're pissed off and wanna vent some anger and frustration, these tunes may help. I especially enjoy the spoken intro to "Freedom." You'll see why when you listen to it. This band gets kinda underappreciated by a lot of people. This was a strange kinda time in hardcore, I think, kind of a transition. I dunno, I like 'em. Download (sorry, no pic):

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