Thursday, March 12, 2009

I got happy music here

It's nice out here in sunny New Jersey, and I have some nice weather music in addition to the sad, angry bastard music. Power Pop!
First up is a 12 inch 4-track EP by The Jags, featuring their big single "Back of My Hand," and 3 other nice tunes of that style. "Back of My Hand" is one of those old Power Pop staples that is on all the comps featuring British power pop. It's fast music with some bite, but it's not quite as pissed off as punk. I snagged this one for cheap, which I'm happy about, because I'd been looking for it locally for years, and happened upon it 2 days ago, finally! Digging pays off. But anyway, yeah, totally crucial tunage, here. Download:

And next up is a Cinerama 7" that I'm not quite sure how to classify. Brit Pop? Bubblegum Pop? I don't really care. It's good stuff. David Gedge can write one hell of a song, I must admit. These songs are cute, "7x" and "Kerry Kerry." Good, poppy rock and roll from the UK with great lyrics and hooks. Way underrated songwriter. Sound quality isn't superb on these songs, not sure why, but that should inspire you to buy them somewhere!

And to top it all off, here's some reggae. It's a much slower tune, probably better suited to much hotter weather, but might as well drop it now, because I love it. This is female singer Pat Davis' version of the Alton Ellis classic "I'm Just a Guy," called "I'm Just a Girl." Well-named. The b-side is the "Vanity" riddim dubbed out. This is a gorgeous song with a sugary sweet melody, I'm a big fan. No picture, download below:

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