Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rock and Reggae

Again, busy day, so this will be a quicky.

The rock I'm uploading is a French double 7" Alex Chilton - No Sex EP I got on the super cheap. This is real straight-ahead rock-and-roll from the Box Tops and Big Star singer-songwriter, but from the 80's! Luckily it doesn't have all the corny 80's production. One 7" had the 2 original songs from the single, "No Sex" and "Underclass." "No Sex" is I guess about AIDS, and a decent little rock song. "Underclass" is not quite as good, just a straight old-fashioned rock and roll song. My favorite part of this, however, is the second 7" containing a live version of "September Gurls" and a cover of Lou Chrstie's classic "I'm Gonna Make You Mine." It's like Alex Chilton doing a great Northern Soul version of a 60's pop song with distortion on his guitar....fucking AWESOME. No picture, just download:

And the reggae portion is a truly big Reggae hit by one of my favorite artists, Yellowman. This dude could chat lyrics like nobody's business over every riddim. This happens to be on NY's Witty's early dancehall label (80's), slightly different from the more popular version of Yellow's hit. I included the "Version" side of the 12" single, which is a great, straight-up version of the Answer Riddim.

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  1. Thanks for posting the Chilton. Friend in college dorm couple decades ago had that fabulous thing and have never seen it again since, sadly.