Monday, March 9, 2009

Soul and Reggae today

I happen to have more rare soul and reggae 45's than punk/hardcore, or at least they're a bit harder to find on the interwebs, so I'm concentrating on those genres for my 3 records today. Although tomorrow's post will have a decent, really obscure hardcore 7" that some of you may find interesting. But anyway:

First up is Pat Kelly - in my opinion the sweetest singing voice to ever come from Jamaica, and one of the sweetest from anywhere, ever. He clearly idolizes Curtis Mayfield's cool, lilting falsetto as MANY Jamaican singers from the 60's did (like this one guy, Bob Marley). This isn't my absolute favorite Pat Kelly 45, but it's up there, and it's a bit harder to find to download, perhaps, than my favorite. The song is "I Don't Want to Go," and the b-side is the dubbed-out instrumental "version." It's good early 70's reggae, really cool with a great rhythm section and melodica backing in the rhythm. Gorgeous melody and Pat Kellly's amazing voice make this a flawless record.

Then I got an awesome 45, that I used to have 2 copies of, one of which I lost either to a trade or a girlfriend. Either way I'm sure I won, because I kept the cleaner copy, HA! One side is The Chevelles - "The Gallop". This is a fast-paced break-laden instrumental dancer with incredible drumming and a relentless, throbbing beat. The other side is a slow, serious vocal tune by Gloria Walker called "Talking About My Baby." It starts off with a long spoken part where she drops some knowledge about love before she belts out some heavy soul, and the song ends strangely without sounding completed. A bit weird, but I dig it. Download it:

And I saved the best for last, I think. These are 2 of my favorite Otis Redding songs. I guess these are from his Love Man LP, which doesn't make them terribly hard to find at all, but for some reason I never see that LP or this 45 in stores. I can never find these to download on your standard p2p download networks, and I own the 45, so I figured I'd rip it and let you have a listen before you try to find them yourself. "Look at The Girl" is an incredible dance song, with Otis' standard pleading delivery, catchy refrain, and everything else you'd expect from Otis in top form. "That's a Good Idea" is about as good, although it's more of a mid-tempo tune with a slightly more interesting melody and hook. I have a piture of the LP and download link below, though these are from the 45 on Atco records (not Volt!).

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