Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obscure, and less obscure

The first thing I'll post today is obscure. It's an early 90's hardcore 7" by Long Island (I believe), NY's Goon Squad called "Uglier Than Your Sister." It's pretty brutal stuff with some actually clever lyrics that border on being funny and making me wanna punch myself in the face with a toaster. That's a pretty cool border to be on. I wish the drums were recorded better on this 7", because the parts are heavy and decent, but the tone and sound is just bad. Otherwise, it's a funn 7" to listen to. These guys are more or less unknown nowadays, but older NY heads might remember them. I spun records between bands at a reunion show of sorts that my friend put on for them in NYC several years ago. I think about 6 people hung around to watch and dance for these guys, but we enjoyed the shit out of it. So here's some seriously obscure hardcore I doubt you can download elsewhere.

No picture, download below:

Next up is a less obscure record I got some years ago. It's a much later, slow lovers rock reggae cut of a classic 60's Rocksteady song sung by Errol Dunkley called "You're Gonna Need Me." The b-side is a very dubbed out reverb-heavy "Version" of the instrumental backing track. Errol Dunkley is often kind of underappreciated in the realm of Reggae singers. He didn't have the prettiest or flashiest voice around, but he sang great songs well, and I am a fan. Got to see him live a few years ago, and he put on a nice show. The original cut he did of this song is from the 60's, and is on the Trojan Rocksteady Box Set. It's like a mellow Jamaican equivalent of the 13th Floor Elevators' "You're Gonna Miss Me." It was originally a blues tune by Barbara Lynn. This version came much later, but I don't know exactly when. It's some serious sad, heart-felt stuff. This one's dedicated to all the bitches that broke my heart via electronic communication! Bitches.

Again no pic, download below:

And I saved the best for last again. This IS my favorite Pat Kelly 45 of all time, and many would agree with me. It would be considered "Skinhead" or "Early Reggae", and I believe it's from about 1969. The instrumental backing track on this is so upbeat and happy-sounding that the sad, longing lyrics and vocal style seem to come from a whole other friggin' planet. I honestly can't even express the beauty contained on this 7" round slab of vinyl. I hate when stuff gets over-hyped, but I could hype this for an hour and it would still exceed any expectations you had. Kelly's Curtis Mayfield-inspired falsetto pleading tugs at my heart strings harder than the marlin from "The Old Man and The Sea". The b-side is another nice vocal track on basically the same instrumental called "Try to Remember." It's really good, but has a totally different melody and is less urgent and overwhelmingly sad than "How Long." I have a blank, original Jamaican pressing of this. Download it below the picture of the English pressing:


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