Friday, March 13, 2009

One little soul 45 today

Sorry, busy day today guys, but I'm giving you a 45 that's better than most. This is a fairly rare one on the Josie label by Johnny and The Expressions : "Boys and Girls Together" b/w "Give Me One More Chance." I was super lucky to get a minty copy of this for like 3 bucks some years ago, because it goes for at least 10 times that now in lesser condition. "Boys and Girls Together" is a GREAT dance tune with a very nice uptown sound and a quick tempo, lush harmonies and sugary falsettos. The other side is a slow ballad featuring the same fairly slick production and falsetto harmonies. So listen to the first song and dance, then throw on the second song and make out. Serious baby-maker, here, folks.

Download it:

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