Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weird NJ Punk and Stax

I had a great time spinning records at Asbury Lanes last night in support of some friends' bands, and felt encouraged to dip into the collection to bring up some of the weirder stuff for you guys. So that's where I'm starting this post.

Children in Adult Jails were an awesome Jersey band on Buy Our Records, which is perhaps my favorite NJ label ever. There was some estrogen in this band to balance out the testosterone-driven stuff you often find in punk, and certainly in NJ punk and hardcore. There should be plenty of info about this band available somewhere on the internet. The sound these guys and girls had I might kinda describe as somewhere between Violent Femmes, Sonic Youth, and sometimes The Minutemen, even? I don't even know. Unique stuff, and super cool. I would say there are parts of this record that are definitely some Next-Level Shit. Arty, but not annoying. Dig the whole "Man Overcome By Waffle Iron" LP by downloading below:

And, as usual, I have a great rare 45 on the Volt label (Stax) by a lady named Dorothy Williams. As was so often the case with these 45's, one side is a foot-stompin' up-tempo tune you can party to, and the other side is a slow, heartfelt ballad that causes baby-making. This is just awesome old-style Stax, and you'll hear what I mean as soon as you hear it. Good, down-home soul music. This 45 isn't in perfect shape, but played all the way through, so I removed a few clicks and pops and put both sides up for you. I see this record go for a lot of dough on the internet (like always, I got it for very little in a NJ record store), but if you find a copy, like anything on Stax/Volt, you should obviously buy it.

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