Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NJHC and Soul, perfect together

Today I have some cool stuff for you, including the first LP I've ripped. It was daunting, but I tackled it with vigor.

Here's the first LP: Bedlam - Total Bedlam. It's a New Jersey Hardcore classic on Buy Our Records, and I believe it came out in something like 1986. I will warn you that it can be offensive to the wrong crowd, so if you're really PC and/or don't have a sense of humor, skip down to the soul I'm uploading. But if you can listen to some kinda funny, hard, fast music from NJ in the mid 1980's, check it out. They were kind of a brother band to AOD. My favorite song is "Hated You Then and I Hate You Now." "AIDS" is maybe the most offensive, guess why! It's just that kinda album, haha. Download:

On to nicer, more pleasant things, here's a 45 by Betty LaVette. It's some funky, rather deep soul on the Silver Fox label, "Do Your Duty" b/w "Love's Made a Fool Out of Me". If you've never listened to Betty Lavette, really get down on this, it's awesome soul music. Kind of a slightly sweeter-sounding Aretha Franklin sound. Not quite as deeply expressive as Aretha, but plenty of sweetness and sass. Download:

And to wrap up, I have a fantastic up-tempo soul 45 by The Radiants on the Chess label. This would I suppose be considered Northern Soul, real glossy kinda production, but all around fabulous harmonies and amazing dance beats. It's from the era right before production got too glossy to be cool. There's strings and horns, but they actually WORK and don't sound cheesey or forced. I love both sides of this 45, and believe you will, too.

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