Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old R&B today

Well, it was a long, busy, interesting weekend, and I'm glad it's coming to an end so I can be bored again and rip vinyl and put it up here for you fine folks to download and listen to.

First up is Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford's classic "I Need Your Lovin'" b/w "Tell Me." Don Gardner is a soul legend, responsible for the original version of "My Baby Likes to Boogaloo", a version of which appears in an older posting. That song is maybe the ultimate rock-and-soul tune, but this classic on the Fire label is just an early 60's R&B romp with a simple message, stated (shouted) over and over again. This was sort of a hit, although I've never heard it on an oldies station. I had the pleasure of witnessing his return to the stage in Philly a few years ago with a few friends in his backing band, and it was just magnificent. The man can still sing and perform, and he just knocked me out. The B-side is Dee Dee's turn to sing lead, and she just rips on your heartstrings with a slow, emotional R&B tune.

The other 45 is Jennell Hawkins' classic version of "Money" b/w "More Money" on the Amazon label from the early 60's. I'd again call this classic R&B, just phenominal passion and funk in there, minus the gloss. Jennell Hawkins was an LA soul/blues singer who didn't have many hits, but this version of the Barrett Strong hit is just bombastic. It's reallly my favorite version of a song that has probably been covered hundreds of times, and is probably still played every weekend by some cover bands somewhere. LA Soul/funk really doesn't seem to get as much attention as Detroit, Memphis, Philly, and Muscle Shoals, and I think this is a shame. I may throw up some more LA soul this week to show you fine folks what the City of Angels offered the discriminating music fan in the 1960's. Download this 45 below:

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