Saturday, March 7, 2009

The hits just keep on comin'

First I'll drop a great VA hardcore/punk 7", Avail's "Attempt to Regress" EP. Both "Connection" and "Mr. Morgan" are awesome, angry early 90's hardcore with a little more feeling and subtlety (if that exists in hardcore) than your standard fare. How could you not love this 7"? This band is kinda great in general, so don't be afraid to love this. Download below picture:

And then I'll hit you with my first piece of rub-a-dub, early dancehall from one of my favorite DJ's (or what we call MC's in American hip-hop), the famous Josey Wales. The tune is called "Wrong Fe Come Call Me", and the b-side is a slightly dubbed-out version of the instrumental that Josey's lyrics are over, known popularly as the Vanity Riddim, maybe most famous for containing Alton Ellis' "I'm Just a Guy." This is pre-digital dancehall riddims, true rub-a-dub. Hot lyrics, hot track, cool vibes. No image, just download bellow:

And finally, the soul portion of this post. We're going south to Memphis for this 45 on the Goldwax label from The Ovations, "Qualifications" b/w "I Believe I'll Go Back Home." This is sweet southern soul, not the northern stuff. They were a 3 piece singing group, with a lead singer who clearly idolized Sam Cooke (like just about everyone else in the mid-60s) and did a fine job of sounding like him. "Qualifications" is a great dance tune, and the b-side is a bit more country, as southern soul tended to be, but a lovely group harmony tune anyway. This record was kinda beat-up, so my apologies for loss of quality, but it's not all that bad, all things considered. Still worth a listen. Download below:

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  1. stoked. been looking for this 7" in mp3 for years now.