Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Northern and New Orleans Soul

I'll start up north, then go south.

The Ric-Tic label is one of my favorites, having put out fine sides by a number of important soul artists, including Edwin Starr. This is a popular, less rare 45 on Ric-Tic by Al Kent. The A-side is "Where Do I Go From Here?", and the b-side is the instrumental "You've Got to Pay the Price." Both sides are awesome Detroit soul from 1966 or so. "Where Do I Go From Here" is my favorite kind of song....it asks a question in relation to a failed attempt at love, and urgently awaits a reply. If you're a big enough nerd to be reading this blog, you can probably relate. I'm a big enough nerd to be writing it, so you know I can. Songs that essentially say "WTF?" are really my favorites, in general. The instrumental b-side is popular as well, but my copy is a bit rough, so the sound quality is not the best. Download it:


Eldridge Holmes was a Louisiana R&B singer who worked under brilliant producer/writer/pianist Allen Toussaint. He had a super smooth voice that is just, really, perfect. Can't think of another word to describe it. This is a 45 on the Deesu label, produced by Toussaint, with both sides written by Holmes. The fast side is "Where is Love," again, an urgent song asking a question about love. I think I'll have to lay off of those songs for a week soon. This is getting to be too much of a pattern, I'm afraid. This song is like a New Orleans stab at the Detroit sound, and it absolutely rules. It destroys you in under 2 minutes. The ballad side is "Now That I've Lost You." Sorry again for the rougher sound, someone must be effing with the b-sides of all of my records. It's a slow, smooth blues that hits you right in the genitals, or heart, or both. I can't find any info on this particular 45 on the internets, but I don't look incredibly hard, because as long as it sounds good, I'm cool. And this sound amazing. I bought it on tour in New Orleans last year, and it ranks up there as a highlight of a pretty fantastic time in my life. This ranks up there as a rare one for me, definitely a feather in my collector's cap. Download both sides:


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