Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old NJHC/Metal

I'm sorry I'm only putting up one thing today, but it's an LP. I also won't be posting tomorrow and maybe the rest of the weekend, so take that time to catch up and listen to the other stuff I've posted on here that you might not have had a chance to listen to yet.

Sacred Denial - Sifting Through Remains is a definite departure from their first album or 2. Less hardecore punk and more metallic, for sure. So in that respect it's kind of heavier and sludgier, kinda thrashy but not the same kinda break-neck speed/breakdown mixed style from Life's Been Getting to Me. Vocals are kinda higher-pitched or something, also, and more melodic, maybe (and louder in the mix). Heavier drum sound, more insane guitar solos (the dude could play the hell out of some guitar, I must say). Still, solid songs, and better than most stuff coming out in 1988. And this is from New Jersey, man! Unfortunately one side came out a little quieter than the other on this LP, for whatever reason I couldn't boost it higher without clipping so you'll have to make due. Sorry! You should buy anything these guys ever put out, super underrated NJHC band from the 80's. Worth a listen. Get this below:

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