Thursday, March 5, 2009

I just can't stop it...

Okay, I've got a cold or something, so I'm home "resting", aka ripping records to my computer. So first up is Spizzenergi's classic 7" "Where's Captain Kirk?" b/w "Amnesia." This is awesome punk (post-punk, maybe?) from 1979 on Rough Trade records. I highly recommend picking this 7" up, it's fast, somewhat rowdy music with clever lyrics and melodies. I got my copy at Curmudgeon Records in Somerville, NJ...and I seem to remember them having another copy on a recent visit there. Download below:

Then I got some sweet funky stuff from The Fabulous Counts on a 45 rpm record, "Rhythm Changes" b/w "Pack of Lies." These were Detroit boys who could play the shit out of some funk. I believe this 7" is from around 1970 or so. Pack of Lies is an instrumental, and Rhythm Changes has some basic, simple, almost shouted funky vocals. This is on the famous Westbound label. Killer record, both sides scorch! Download below:

And finally, here's both sides of a killer Early Reggae 45 on England's Bread record label, produced by Jackie Edwards. Jackie's Boys - "Cum-Ba-Laa" b/w "I Want You Beside Me". I honestly am not sure which side is A and which is B, because they're both so good I just play whichever one I'm in the mood for. "Cum-Ba-Laa" is a very uptempo reggae number that's more instrumental than vocal (but great for dancing), and "I Want You Beside Me" is a warm, soulful vocal tune in a slightly slower tempo. Booth tracks are killer, and I have no clue if they've been issued or released on anything in recent times, but here they are from my 45. Sorry, no picture, but download below:

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