Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's some of my records!

So I'm making this blog to share some of my favorite records. Some will be rare as hell, some will be fairly easy to find, but they'll all be worth listening to. They are from my personal vinyl collection. I will try not to offend anyone or take food out of anyone's babies' mouths. Some of what I post may be easily downloadable or even for sale elsewhere. In fact, if it is, and you like it, I suggest you buy it and help allow people to actually make a living in the scary, weird music business. There is actually work involved in making and playing music, and those who do it deserve to be compensated.

My record collection consists mainly of Reggae/Rocksteady/Ska, Soul/Funk, and Punk/Hardcore, with most subgenres within those styles included. It's mostly music that moves me and other people, physically, emotionally or both. I'm a working DJ, so moving people is kinda my job. I will post music from my collection that fits in one of the aforementioned categories, and tell you a bit about whatever I post. Some will be facts about the music, and some will be my personal view, or what the music means and does to me. I'll try not to be a jerk about anything, but I am passionate, for sure.

The first record I'm posting is a 7" by one of NJ's first hardcore punk bands, The Burnt, on Headache Records, with the songs "Charlie Brown" and "I Wanna Pet My Cat." "Armpit" of The Burnt is the man behind Headache Records, one of my favorite punk record labels. The Burnt more or less turned into The Wretched Ones later on, who are still one of my favorite punk bands to see live. They made and still make no-bullshit, fun, honest working class music. These 2 songs are fast, hard, funny punk rock, as early NJ Hardcore was famous for being. This is a tough record to find, but if you can find a copy, buy it. It's a nice piece of history with 2 blistering, fun songs on it. Download below:

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